Fairy Party Sydney

Are you looking to bring some magic, fun and excitement to your kid’s party? A fairy party is the perfect solution. Fairies have been spreading their magic for centuries, but their appeal remains timeless. As they fly into your party, their pretty fairy wings carrying them through the breeze, they’ll bring with them magic, excitement and great times for all. At the same time they’ll take away the stress and worry of planning activities and entertainment for your party. Fairy Freckles and Friends are professional children’s party entertainers and the perfect choice for your fairy party Sydney. You can relax and enjoy the party, safe in the knowledge that you’re working with the best there is.

Our team of fairies love being invited to parties, and are never happier than when they’re playing games and spreading their magic with all of the party guests making sure everyone has a great time and a party to remember. Fairy Freckles is an extra special, fun loving fairy. When she flies into your party she’ll make sure that her rainbow freckles are sparking and Fairy Freckles always brings her fairy face paints with her so she can turn the other party guest into beautiful, fun fairies too. When she’s not a party, you’ll find Fairy Freckles at her home ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ where she loves spending time painting fairy wings. Fairy Freckles and her friends are only really happy when they know that everyone at the party is happy too, and they always make sure everybody is involved playing games and enjoying themselves.

Fairy Freckles has lots of friends, but her most beautiful friend is The Flower Fairy, who also lives Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The Flower Fairy is another fun loving and magical party host, who never fails to bring excitement to the party with her loving care and fun games. The Flower Fairy loves painting flowers, and when she comes to the party, kids will love her gorgeous flower face painting. She’s also a whiz with balloon flower creations, which is another passion of the Flower Fairy. She gets lots of practice painting flowers because when she’s not busy making sure everyone’s enjoying a party, her job is to paint all the flowers in the world, making them as pretty as possible.

Fairy Freckles is friends with lots of other magical characters too, who love to entertain at kids’ parties just as much as herself and The Flower Fairy. Why not invite Pirate Pete or Pirate Pearl? They’ll float in on their magical floating pirate ship and turn all the party goers into little pirates with balloon sword fights. A unicorn is bound to bring magic and excitement to any situation and Unicorn Twilight Sparkle won’t disappoint! Stunning rainbow unicorn face painting and beautiful butterfly balloons are her specialty. Giggles the Clown just loves to laugh and laugh. She’s never happier than when she’s playing party games and all the kids are laughing with her. The Rainbow Mermaid lives under the sea, but when she gets an invitation to party, she’s happy to get out of the water! When at the party she’ll be showing off her magic tricks to the other party guests, before heading back underwater to learn some new tricks for the next party from the magic dolphins.

Fairy Freckles and Friends have been adding their special touch of magic to kid’s parties for over five years. They understand that, as a parent, there can be pressure when it comes to organising your party because, naturally, you want the very best for you children. Hiring professional party entertainers is a great solution. You can relax, knowing that Fairy Freckles and Friends are professionals who really love what they do. With their experience they’ve put together a number of different plans to suit your needs. So don’t worry about rushing around trying to find gifts for pass the parcel, contact Fairy Freckles and relax, safe in the knowledge that your party entertainment planning is in the hands of trusted professionals.


  • I really wanted to make my daughter’s party special this year and was recommended to Fairy Freckles by a friend. So happy that they did! Fairy Freckles was just marvelous at the party. She took care of all the entertainment and all the kids absolutely loved it. Couldn’t have been happier with the service and very happy to recommend them to anyone  
  • The Flower Fairy really is a fun loving and magical fairy. She was brilliant at my daughter’s party, we had a whole flock of fairies by the end of the party and all the kids had a really brilliant time. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s party special.
  • What can I say? Fairy Freckles promised fun and magic, but they really exceeded my expectations. Super professional to deal with when we were organising the party and she was just so good at getting everyone involved in the party and having fun. Very highly recommended for anyone who wants to make their party special!

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